Bossa Flor was originally the name given by Philippe Quevauviller in 2009 to a book project on Bossa Nova that he had entitled "Fleur de bossa". His first musical project entitled BosSalvador (initiated in 2007) found a new dimension in 2012 when he met Pierre Barouh. A complicity and friendship were born around this "art of encounters" which is the mark of his life path. Pierre became the tutelary figure of what will become the ASBL Bossa Flor in 2016, shortly before his departure for another place. Over the years, a network of artists has formed around various projects that generate musical exchanges in the context of concerts and recordings of albums produced by the ASBL. This page presents the biographies of this network.


Musical production, edition, singer


Walker, author, composer, singer, filmmaker, writer

       Philippe Quevauviller (vocals) created the Sextet Bossa Flor in 2012 with the meeting of Fernando de Almeida Barros (guitar, vocals, musical direction) and Wellington Barros (piano, vocals), who were joined by Jacques Martinez (saxophone, flute), Marat Araujo (bass) and Toni Reina (drums). As Jacques and Toni were called to other personal projects, the group welcomed Claudio Rocha (saxophone, flute) in 2016 and Marcos Della Rocha (drums) in 2018. The repertoire revolves around bossa nova classics, mainly Antonio Carlos Jobim's songs, in Portuguese versions and French adaptations, and songs from the French repertoire adapted into Brazilian rhythms (bossa and samba). Pierre Barouh participated in their first album "Rencontres en bossa", the sextet produced a second album "Feminino" with the female voices of Ana Rocha and Amalia Baraona, then a third opus "De Sète à Rio" in 2020 based on songs by Brassens, with the participation of Stéphanie Scultore (vocals). The Sextet is currently working on a double album "Brassens dans tous ses états" (to be released in September 2021). The Sextet is also continuing its programme around a "little history of bossa nova" with the participation of the singer Ylva Berg, in which the writer Jean-Paul Delfino also participated.


Bassist, percussionist, author, composer


Music director, composer, singer, guitarist







Writer, musicologist between France and Brazil


Saxophonist, flautist


Pianist, singer, choir conductor, composer







Saxophonist, flautist

       Around the Saravah spirit instilled by Pierre Barouh grafted what he himself described as "underground rivers", encounters that have grown stronger over time and have multiplied. A sort of "Saravah family" has thus developed over the course of meetings with Pierre in Brussels and after his departure for his crescent moon, friends who have since met regularly in Brussels via Bossa Flor. Meetings around Pierre's songs took place in 2018 and 2019, bringing together artists who also presented their respective projects, in rich evenings of musical exchange. In this sphere, Pierre's pianist, Pierre-François Blanchard in a duo with Marion Rampal (vocals), Eric Guilleton (vocals, guitar), Margaux Guilleton (vocals, piano), Claire Elzière (vocals) and Dominique Cravic (guitar), Didier Sustrac (songwriter, guitar, vocals) with his musician friends, Edmundo Carneiro (percussion), José Curier (bass), Roberto Di Ferdinando (guitar) and Odile Barlier (percussion), Claire Taïb (vocals, guitar), Emmanuel Donzella (vocals, guitar) and Julien Doumenjou (guitar). A mutual friend of Pierre's, Emmanuel de Ryckel, accompanies us and supports the production of the meetings. Most of them also participate in the project "Brassens dans tous ses états".


Percussionist, singer, creator of sound spaces


Composer, pianist, guitarist, singer

Singer, songwriter, composer

Bridger among French-Brazilian music

Pianist, composer


Author, composer, guitarist, singer

Percussionnist, actor

Guitarist, arranger, composer

Author, composer, guitarist, singer

Author, composer, performer

Guitarist, composer, author, interpret

Actor, musician

Pianist, singer

       In another register, the Pataphysique Orchestra was born from the wish of a group of friends (at the origin of the BosSalvador mentioned above) to revive the repertoire of Boris Vian and other greats of French song (Reggiani, Nougaro) in a marriage between jazz and French song. The sextet consists of Philippe Quevauviller (vocals), Bruno Desart (guitar), Jack Gillet (drums), Berny Hoste (trumpet, bugle), Anthony More (piano) and Chistophe 'Cacha' Vaassen (electric double bass). With the complicity and participation of Farida Zouj (vocals) and Jacques Martinez (saxophone), they also participate in the project 'Brassens dans tous ses états'.









       Finally, a meeting of guitar virtuosos (seven strings) in 2019 brought together artists living in Brussels, Paris, Lille and London around multiple Brazilian influences such as choro, samba and bossa nova: Mario Bakuna (guitar), Luiz de Aquino (vocals, guitar), Vitor Garbelotto (guitar), Pierre Gillet (guitar), Benoît Minon (guitar) and Osman Martins (cavaquinho, percussions). This sharing continued in the accompaniment of mainly French songs that sublimated the melodies and texts, with the duo SevenZ of Pierre Gillet and Benoît Minon, and the trio Soltacorda of Vitor Garbelotto, Osman Martins and Roberto de Oliveira (mandolin, trombone). From this harmony of notes and words was born the project "Cordes enchantées" which covers Pierre Barouh's songs in Brazilian style. The Soltacorda trio also takes part in the "Brassens dans tous ses états" project.


Guitarist, singer, composer, arranger


Guitarist seven strings


Author, composer, musical production



Author, composer, producer, cavaquinist, guitarist, percussionist, singer


Author, composer, arranger,


Guitarist seven strings, arranger



Guitarist seven strings


       All the artists mentioned above are joined by other musicians for the ambitious project 'Brassens dans tous ses états' around the centenary of Georges Brassens. It includes adaptations of his songs in Brazilian mode and different types of jazz, from cool jazz to gypsy rhythms, country music, flamenco, rumba... Pierre Barouh had appreciated in 2016 the adaptations of the Sextet Bossa Flor of songs by the great Georges. The meeting with Joel Favreau in 2017 was the ferment of these musical encounters in different musical styles, which gave birth to the double-album project. Completing the anthology of artists from the ASBL collective (mentioned above) who participate in the project, Joel Favreau (vocals, guitar) who recorded with Thibault Dille (accordion), Diego Amaral Coutinho (cello) who recorded with the Sextet Bossa Flor, Gilles Boujo (guitar, vocals) with his gypsy jazz trio Swing à Jo, the duo of Matteo Carola (guitar) and Stéphanie Scultore (vocals) with the Brazilian influences of their Quartet Rosa, the brothers Pierre Lucas (vocals, guitar, banjo) and Philippe Lucas (vocals, guitar) as well as Dominique Piérard (guitar, vocals) in a country and Hispanic style, with the vocal touch of Farida Zouj who accompanies them, as well as the aforementioned Pataphysique Orchestra.

Guitarist, singer, author, composer


Accordéonist, pianist, singer, composer, arranger, producer


Author, composer, singer, actress, teacher





Guitarist, singer


Author, composer, singer


Guitarist, singer


Guitarist, singer


Author, composer, singer, guitarist