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Claire Elzière




Photo credit: ©Philippe Quevauviller

About Claire Elzière: "Il faut absolument découvrir Claire Elzière. On y retrouvera la veine de Brassens, de Prévert, de Ferré, excusez du peu !"M.D. La Nouvelle Vie Ouvrière. 

Claire took part in the Ateliers Chansons de Paris directed by Luce Klein and Christian Dente in 1995-97. She met the pianist Grégory Veux in 1996 with whom she made her first stage appearance in 1997, and performed songs by Lynda Lemay, Anne Sylvestre, Pierre Barouh, Allain Leprest, Barbara, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Laurent Malot, Michèle Bernard, Véronique Pestel, Marie-Paule Belle, Christian Dente, Pierre Louki.... In 1999, Claire Elzière took part in the Festival "Alors Chante!" of Montauban, she met Alain Poulanges and was invited to sing on a stage of 15 artists who performed songs sung by Juliette Greco, in her presence. 

Claire met Pierre Barouh in June 1999 at the Hôtel du Nord in Paris in the framework of musical evenings with Henri Crolla, then Dominique Cravic at the "Chantez Guinguettes" festival at Pierre Barouh's home in Vendée. In September of the same year, she sang the first part of a concert by Nilda Ferdandez at the Colysée in Roubaix, and was invited by Boubou of the group Chanson Plus Bifluorée to sing at the Théâtre de Dix Heures in Paris. In 2000, Claire Elzière was laureate of the interpreter's competition "Vive la reprise" of the Centre de la Chanson and "Rencontre Francophone du Spectacle".

Since 2001, she has been singing with Dominique Cravic's group and Les Primitifs du Futur in France, Europe, the United States and Canada. In December of the same year, Claire recorded the song " Car je t'aime " (Lyrics and music by Henri Crolla) with Marcel Azzola on accordion. In 2002 the album "Manuia", Ukulélé Club de Paris (Universal Jazz) was released. Claire Elzière recorded the song " À la Nouvelle Eve ", lyrics and music by Dominique Cravic, and was invited to sing on stage with the Ukulélé Club de Paris.

In January 2003, Claire Elzière released her first album "La vie va si vite" (Saravah), which included covers of songs by Pierre Louki. 

Pierre Louki's album "Salut la compagnie" (Saravah) was released in 2004 and included a duo recording with Pierre Louki of 2 songs (Pluies et Désilllusions). A DVD (Frémeaux et Associés) was produced in 2006, it included an interview with Pierre Louki and Claire Elzière. The same year, Pierre Barouh's album "Daltonien" (Saravah) was released, in which Claire Elzière records a duet with Pierre on the song Mémoire. 

September 2007 saw the release of the album "Paris Romance Rive Gauche", French Café Music (Respect Record, Japan). In 2008, release of the album "Tribal Musette" by Dominique Cravic and Les Primitifs du Futur (Universal Jazz) in which Claire Elzière recorded the song "Ton manteau gris", lyrics by Philippe Paringaux, music by Dominique Cravic. 

In September 2008, Claire Elzière's album "Chansons d'amour de Paris" was released (Respect Record, Japan). Claire went on tour in Japan in December 2007, 2008 and 2009 accompanied by Dominique Cravic on guitar and Daniel Colin on accordion.

In 2009, Claire Elzière's album "Un original, 13 originaux" (Saravah) was released, featuring previously unreleased songs by Pierre Louki set to music by Grégory Veux, Dominique Cravic and Colette Mansard. The album was launched at the Théâtre de l'Européen in Paris. The same year, the album "Claire Elzière chansons d'amour de Paris le second mouvement" was released (Respect Record, Japan).

The year 2010 has been rich in events with concerts at the Théâtre du Lucernaire in Paris. Claire received the Bernard Dimey Prize. She toured again in the United States with Dominique Cravic and the Primitifs du Futur (Museum of Arts, Raleigh NC, Wexner Center of Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN and Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, IL). On her return, Daniel Colin and Raùl Barboza's album "Rencontre à Paris" was released, on which Claire Elzière performed the songs "Il pleut sur la route", "La vie", "Pigale", "Quel temps fait-il à Paris", "À Paris dans chaque faubourg" (Respect Record, Japan).  In December, she toured in Japan with Dominique Cravic, Daniel Colin, Grégory Veux and Raùl Barboza. 

Daniel Colin's album " Mon cœur est un accordéon " was launched in 2011, Claire Elzière interpreted 4 songs on it: " Un petit air de rien du tout ", " l'Homme à la moto ", " Le chaland qui passe ", " Aux Champs-Elysées " (Respect Record, Japan). She went back on tour in Japan in December with Dominique Cravic, Daniel Colin and Grégory Veux. A new album by Daniel Colin was released in October 2012, "Rendez-vous à Saint-Germain-des-Près", on which Claire Elzière sang two songs, "Les amants d'un jour" and "Nuages" as a duet with Dominique Cravic (Respect Record, Japan). Daniel Colin and Claire Elzière launched a compilation "15 faces de Paris" in March 2013 (Respect Record, Japan). In June, she recorded the song by Bouchoud dit Dufleuve and Raoul Georges "Elle était souriante" to illustrate the film "Le moment et la manière" by Anne Kuvani (Iskra). Claire Elzière then took part in the recording of Dominique Cravic and friends' album "Le voyage de Django" (Respect Record, Japan). Claire returned to Japan in February 2014 for the promotion and release of the album "Le voyage de Django". 

In the meantime, the recording of a new album Saravah had begun, with unpublished texts by Allain Leprest set to music by Dominique Cravic, Jean-Philippe Viret and Olivier Moret. This album, "Claire Elzière Chante Allain Leprest" (Saravah) was released in September 2014.

April 2015, release of the album " Gus versus Tony " on which Claire Elzière sings " Impasse des Vertus " (Respect Record, Japan). The album was released by Frémeaux et Associés in September 2016. Claire Elzière performed in concerts in Quebec, in Montmagny at the Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordéon, then at the Théâtre Outremont in Montreal.

In November 2017, release of the album "Paris Cinéma" with Claire Elzière, Dominique Cravic, Daniel Colin and friends (Respect Record, Japan). A few months later (May 2018) a new album, "Chansons d'aujourd'hui et de demain" (Respect Record, Japan) was released. Claire went back on tour in Japan in June 2018 to give 10 concerts with Dominique Cravic, Mathilde Febrer (violin), Christophe Lampidecchia (accordion), Laurent Larcher (double bass) and Grégory Veux (piano).

In December 2019, release of the album "Un an à Paris", an anthology of songs about Paris performed by Claire Elzière and Dominique Cravic that illustrate the documentary film "Un an à Paris" directed by Lionel Isy-Schwartz and broadcast in 50 cinemas in Quebec.

In March-April 2021, Claire Elzière will go back on tour in Japan to give 28 concerts in 27 cities, accompanied by Dominique Cravic (guitar), Mathilde Febrer (violin), Christophe Lampidecchia (accordion), Olivier Moret (double bass) and Grégory Veux (piano).

During her career, Claire has participated in opening and co-presentations of many artists, including Marie-Paule Belle, Allain Leprest, Daniel Lavoie, Enzo Enzo, Alain Souchon, Nilda Fernandez, Clémentine Célarié, Pierre Louki, Géard Morel, Gérard Pierron, François Béranger.

The crossroads with Bossa Flor occurred when Pierre Barouh passed away… At the beginning of January 2017, Claire took part in a farewell concert at the Théâtre 13 which Philippe Quevauviller attended. He invited her to continue the appointments to which Pierre had been faithful since 2012, and a concert brought together Claire, Dominique Cravic and Grégory Veux in Brussels in November 2018. The link has been maintained ever since and Claire will join the Bossa Flor2020-2021 program. She is participating in a recording of a piece of the project ​« Brassens dans tous ses états » in 2021.

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