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Edmundo Carneiro

Percussionnist, actor



Photo credit: ©Alain Dereymaeker

Edmundo Carneiro was born in the summer of 1958 in Macaubal, a small town in the north of the state of São Paulo. Among his brothers, he will be the only heir to his grandfather's passion for music. Transported by the percussions of the Folia dos Reis festival that punctuated the seasons of his childhood, he will build his life around rhythm. While his colleagues were playing football, he became interested in vinyl records and joined the Fanfarra to study snare drum and bass drum. When he turned 14, his family moved to Campinas, where he attended the school orchestra and fell in love with Hermeto Pascal, Baden Powell and Jobim. He soon realised that behind the sound of his percussion, what he was really looking for were his black origins. Anyway, he learned to play drums in a terreiro Umbanda, and later played at the Camdomblé ceremonies. The songs of Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges and Tonino Horta accompanied him to the music clubs where he played, exercising his talent in different ensembles. 

At the age of 19, he won the prize for best instrumentalist at the festival of the Campinas School of Music directed by the great master Benito Juarez. Ana de Hollanda recognized his talent and invited him to work in São Paulo where she introduced him to José Celso Martinez Correia, the great director of the Officina Theatre. Zé Edouardo Nazario, her music teacher, an anarchist and original, presented an approach that favours the fusion and exchange of languages, a same philosophy that will develop and deepen later on. In 1985, as a musician and actor, he took part in the children's show "Catavento" on TV Cultura in São Paulo and he also had an intense activity in the recording studios. 

In 1988, Edmundo arrived in Paris, it was the shock of world music. For those seeking their musical roots, the surprise was immense. Almost all cultures are there: African, Caribbean, Martinican, Guadeloupean, North African, Indian and Brazilian. The path of the music of your country, opens your mind, excites your curiosity and inspires you. He then reconnected with his Brazil and its artists who made the Parisian scene ... The irony of fate will make him play his berimbau - the emblematic instrument of Bahia - on the edge of the tropics, on Reunion Island, in a bar in Saint-Denis, where he met Jacques Higelin, the most Parisian of French singers. The passion between the two artists did the rest. With Jacques, Edmundo discovered the entire French music scene and the great names of the French chanson scene at the time, Léo Ferré, Paco Ibáñez, Brigitte Fontaine and many others. He worked with Jacques Higelin for the following five years.

Edmundo was also part of groups such as Bachibouzak, Grupo Extra, Kamafra and Guenau. He also quickly got back in touch with Brazilian artists such as singer and pianist Tânia Maria, singer Mônica Passos, guitarists Rosinha De Valenca and Baden Powell, singer Seu Jorge and trombonist Raoul de Souza. He also worked with French artists such as Arthur H, Axel Bauer and Eli Medeiros to name but a few.

His encounter with the group Ollano introduced him to electronic music. He then collaborated with various famous DJs: Next Evidence, Bob Sinclar, Shazz, Charles Schillings, Ariel Wizman, Stéphane Pompougnac, DJ Gregory and St Germain. In 2004, he met Jean Leccia, the director of the label Montera Music, with whom he started working a year later. In 2005, he participated in the second part of the album "Electronic Summer in Corsica", where electronic and acoustic music mixed with the voices of Corsican singers, an album where Edmundo Carneiro adds his warm percussions.

It is no coincidence that Edmundo has toured in more than 66 countries and has worked with international music personalities such as Baden Powell, Tânia Maria, Ana de Hollanda, Mike Pocaro, Rosinha de Valençia, Seu Jorge, Toots Thielemans, Monica Passos, Chucho Valdes, Johnny Clegg, Robin di Maggio, Eddie Gomez, Betina B, Brad Scott, Ray Lema, Axel Bauer, Ali Farka Touré, Lou Marini, Klaus Mueller, Ivan Lins, Alvaro Petersen, Maria de Medeiros, De la soul, Arthur H or Jacques Higelin. Creator, composer, percussionist, singer... he has participated in more than 80 albums and thousands of concerts. His performances with his exceptional cast offer us, each time, bewitching dream landscapes.

His crossroads with Bossa Flor is an underground river generated by Pierre Barouh since it is the meeting between Philippe Quevauviller and Didier Sustrac that made him join the Bossa Flor program in 2017 for a concert linked to the launch of the album "Ostende Bossa" with Didier and José Curier. He returned in 2018 with the trio Cor das Cordas for the launch of their eponymous album in which he participated, and for two other concerts with Didier Sustrac and José Curier, and a participation in the show "Une petite histoire de la bossa nova". At the beginning of 2019, Edmundo joined the Bossa Flor program again with singer-guitarist Mario Bakuna. He took part in the recording of two tracks from the Bossa Flor EP "Feminino", as well as the album "Brassens dans tous ses états".

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