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Thierry De Coster

Author, filmmaker, producer, actor



Photo credit: ©Thierry De Coster

Born in 1961, Thierry De Coster has been sailing with passion for more than 30 years in the world of cinema, theatre, radio and television. After graduating from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 1984, Thierry worked for two years on the RTBF news before discovering Africa as a documentary filmmaker at the age of 24. He becomes an independent director. 

On his return, he directed about forty commercials for cinema and television and won the Grand Prix in New York in 1988 for the spot "Mannix". 

In the 90s, he joined the film industry at Saga Film where he became head of documentary production. In 1994, he graduated from EAVE (Entrepreneurs de l'Audio-Visuel Européen). 

Thierry produced "Le Rêve de Gabriel" by Anne Lévy-Morelle in 1995 (which will remain in theatres for more than 17 months), for which he won the Critics' Prize for best Belgian film in 1997. The film will be sold in more than 26 countries. He created his own company, SOKAN, with which he produced in 6 years, about thirty documentaries and two feature films, including "Chronique d'une mort décidée" for which he won the FIPA gold award for best reportage in 2001.

At the same time, he developed his acting talents through improvisation and gradually entered the professional world by accumulating experience on the radio, on stage and on screen. For 9 years, he played the "Jef" in the hilarious saga "Kriek Bellevue". In 2002, while keeping his company, he decided to put an end to his activities as a film producer to devote himself to his life as an actor (cinema and TV films) and to the theatre. At the same time, he became one of the country's first publicists, which allowed him to devote himself serenely to the creation of theatrical projects. 

His meeting with Odile Matthieu was decisive: together, between 2006 and 2014, they wrote and performed three shows that were to thrill the crowds: "Sincères Complaisances", "Charges Comprises" and "Burn Out". In 2015, after 20 years of playing with Les Souffleurs aux gradins, he created a new improv show: MOTAMO with Odile Matthieu, Christelle Delbrouck, Thomas Demarez, François-Xavier Fiévez, Gilles Delvaux and Caroline Veyt. The show was a hit in both the private and public sectors and toured throughout the French-speaking world.

Since 2012, Thierry has also returned to filmmaking with 3 short fiction films: "Merci d'éteindre en partant", "Les oubliées" and "Prrreüte". He has also written a feature-length documentary: "Jusqu'à la lune et retour". He is currently co-producing and presenting a programme on dialects on RTBF and is preparing a new play entitled "Jusqu'à ce que l'amour nous sépare" with Odile Matthieu. 

Moving from stage to screen, from writing to producing, in front or behind the camera, in a recording studio or hosting a prestigious evening, the diversity and richness of his accumulated experiences allow Thierry de Coster to live his life as an artist to the fullest.

His crossroads with Bossa Flor was via the Bouche à Oreille where he regularly produces his improv shows. He was invited to participate in a "Short films and songs" evening in December 2013 with Pierre Barouh who shared with him his passion for documentaries and feature films.

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