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Margaux Guilleton

Pianist, singer



Photo credit: ©Philippe Quevauviller

Born in 1994, Margaux Guilleton grew up surrounded by music, poetry and dance in the heart of her parents' world. She entered the conservatory, took private classical singing lessons, jazz and classical piano lessons with Stéphane Binet, postural singing lessons with Elisabeth Baile, and she also trained herself in a self-taught way.

Margaux is very attracted by the inner vibration of singing, which allows her to seek and feel its resonance, to be upright in order to find her voice / path in the most accurate way of her tessitura. It's a long and slow work, it's a rhythm. She has a rich baggage of French songs which is a cultural base that she respects and inspires her. Margaux is also sensitive to all the songs of the world, from Yiddish, Middle Eastern, Slavonic, Argentinean, Spanish, Italian music... She accompanies herself mainly on the piano which she loves, an instrument which is for her a work of balance in itself, an encounter with the body and the voice.

Singing is for her a river crossing between spirituality and art. She knows that she still has a long way to go, and she is amazed by it. Margaux learns to grasp, to feel the present moment through song and music. Open to sharing, she also loves to sing with her friends, to exchange, to elevate herself through music... 

Margaux is looking for creation, and finds herself, slowly... she knows the world of the stage that she knew with her father, Éric Guilleton, and then also with this common friend, Pierre Barouh, who created a beautiful underground river leading her to cross the road of Bossa Flor. She is anchored in the Saravah universe, and it was only natural that she took part in a meeting around Pierre's songs in December 2017 in Brussels, one year after his departure to the stars... she shared the stage with Éric, Françoise Kucheida, Didier Sustrac, Pierre-François Blanchard, Philippe Quevauviller with the Sextet Bossa Flor. She returned in May 2018 to present the duo Chéri Chérie with Clémentine Lamothe, and in June 2019 as a soloist this time to present her singing tour "Margaux au piano chante". The year 2020 sees Margaux in the Bossa Flor program with a new presentation of her singing & piano tour, and an appointment is made for the Season 2020-2021 with ideas for common projects. She is participating in a recording of a piece of the project ​« Brassens dans tous ses états » in 2021.

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