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Bossa nova & Jazz

Around the theme “Bossa nova & jazz”, it is an anthology of classics by Tom Jobim, mixing the essence of jazz with bossa nova, which is offered by LatinAlma Jazz, with sung interpretations in Portuguese, French and English and instrumental improvisations (piano, trombone). Linked to this dynamic, the album Getz § Gilberto is a reference for many lovers of bossa nova, marking the meeting between the harmonies of Brazilian music and North American jazz. Hôbalala Jazz is inspired by this album.

LatinAlma Jazz

LatinAlma Jazz was born from a meeting between Anne Wolf , pianist adept at fusion between jazz and Brazilian music, Philippe Quevauviller , singer, Vitor Garbelotto (seven-string guitar), Roberto de Oliveira (trombone, mandolin) and Osman Martins (percussion, cavaquinho). Since Osman's death in 2022, LatinAlma Jazz has teamed up with drummers or percussionists such as Jan de Haas and other musicians.

Hôbalala Jazz

The Hôbalala Jazz quintet covers the great standards from the album Getz & Gilberto with Portuguese and French versions. It consists of  Philippe Quevauviller  (vocals), saxophonist  Michel Mainil , guitarist  Alexandre Latora , double bassist  Chris Vaassen  and drummer  Jack Gillet .



Pianist, composer


Saxophonist, clarinettist, composer


Musical production, edition, singer


Guitar, trumpet, vocals


Guitarist seven strings, arranger



Author, composer, arranger,



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