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Vitor Garbelotto

Guitariste sept cordes, arrangeur



Photo credit: ©Philippe Quevauviller

Born in 1981, Vitor Mateus Garbelotto is an emerging figure of the new generation of Brazilian guitarists who has built a solid international career over the last ten years. Brazilian, Italian, world citizen residing in France since 2016, Vitor shares the Brazilian sun with the French public. Between street festivals, private concerts and major national stages, such as "La Folle Journée", "Le Rendez-vous de l'Erdre", Le Lieu Unique and the Graslin Theatre, his music transcends and fascinates.

A versatile guitarist, already known for his remarkable debut and bold choices, his first album, "Radamés Gnattali - Complete works for solo guitar", has earned him the 2010 APCA Award (São Paulo Art Critics' Prize) and the Brazilian Music Award Nomination, as a revealing Artist. 

In 2015, he released his second album, entitled "Sarau para Radamés". This time, sharing his creativity and sensitivity around arrangements for solo guitar of classics from Brazilian music. Hailed by international critics, this album was the CD of the month by the French magazine "Guitare Classique Magazine".

From 2014 to 2016, Vitor was a member of the Tau Quartet guitar quartet. With this quartet, he toured three times in Denmark, where they gave more than forty concerts in public schools in several Danish cities.

His most recent work (2018), entitled "Loro Project", is the result of a meeting between the Garbelotto's Brazilian guitar and Henrik André's violin jazz. This project reveals to the public dialogues and connections between continents. In the free and improvised language of jazz, mainly translated by the violinist's strings, the quartet recording (with drums and double bass) presents jazz and South American sounds, intertwining works ranging from Tom Jobim to Chick Corea.

Whether for the rhythmic characteristic or the warm virtuosity that transports us to the radiant sun of his country, Garbelotto and his guitar are the bridge that leads to a rich experience in the Brazilian cultural universe.

Then based in Nantes, Vitor crossed paths with Philippe Quevauviller at the first Lille Choro Festival in 2018. They met again in Nantes in May 2019 to perform bossa nova classics as a duo. Vitor and Philippe share a bond with Pierre Barouh through their friendship with his son, Benjamin. In February 2020, he was invited to take part in the Bossa Flor program for a guitar encounter.  With the Soltacorda trio, he took part in several recordings of pieces from the « Brassens dans tous ses états » project in 2021.

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