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Anne Wolf 

Pianist, composer



Photo credit: ©Jacky Lepage

Born in 1967 to a father who loved painting and a mother who adored Chopin's music, Anne Wolf is a Belgian pianist living in Brussels. After ten years of classical studies at the music academy, she discovered other musical styles, Jimmy Hendrix, Funkadelic, Miles Davis, Return to Forever, The Brother Johnson etc. At the age of 15, she decided to interrupt her schooling to devote herself to music and began to earn a living by alternating various small jobs. She then took the entrance exam to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, classical section, while taking her first jazz lessons with Alain Rochette. Two years later, she was accepted for courses in music theory, musical analysis, harmony, choir and psycho-pedagogy. At the same time, she started playing in a band as a keyboard player, playing French songs and jazz-funk. Then, everything followed, she became little by little a professional keyboard and piano sidewoman, while continuing her studies at the conservatory, jazz section this time, with Éric Legnigi and Charles Loos as teachers. She then touched all kinds of music, soul, African, Brazilian, pop, FM rock, Flemish and French songs... She went to Paris to attend a master class with Michel Petrucciani, an encounter that particularly touched her. She then performed solo or with musicians of various styles and cultures, mainly Brazilian and African.

A few years later, with her first prize in jazz piano under her arm, Anne began to feel the need to create her own trio. Her first album "Amazone" was released in 2001, recorded on the Igloo label, with Cedric Waterschoot on electric bass, Chris Joris on percussion, and a guest appearance by Brazilian singer Marcia Maria. At the same time, she toured with Pierre van Dormael's band "Vivaces" and the band "Parfum Latin" with Charles Loos. In 2002 she won the Django d'or prize, awarded once a year to a young Belgian jazz musician. Her composition 'Moon at noon' won the 2006 International Jazz Competition in Hoeilaert, where a compulsory piece was chosen.  

The meeting with Dutch bass player Theo de Jong gave a new lease of life to his approach to music and life with the birth of their son Lenny. Her second album "Moon@Noon" was released in 2010, recorded with Dutch percussionist Janco van der Kaaden on the Mogno label. In 2016 the live album 'Wolf in the Wood' was released. Her current focus is on more modern jazz in a quartet with Theo de Jong, Lionel Beuvens and Sigrid Vandenbogaerde. 

LatinAlma Jazz was born on her initiative.

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