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Luiz de Aquino

Author, composer, musical production



Photo credit: ©Studio Paraíso-Paris

Luiz de Aquino, born in Santos in 1959, studied music from the age of 7 in a family of artists. His mother and aunt, the "Miranda Sisters", had an artistic career in Brazilian radio shows in the 1950s. Her father, Luiz de Aquino, a painter, intellectual, musician and carioca merchant, moved to Santos in the early 1960s and created the "Xavantes" club, one of the first Brazilian nightclubs where bossa nova was played. 

After obtaining his first guitar diploma at the age of 14, he undertook further studies in classical guitar, harmony and instrumentation with the most renowned masters in Brazil and Latin America such as Turibio Santos, Abel Carlevaro, Henrique Pinto, Hans Joachim Kolreutter, Nelson Ayres and Roberto Sion, among others. At the age of 19, he was admitted to the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) in Composition and Conducting where he studied with John Neschling, Regis Duprat, Sauel Kerr, and the Frenchmen Roger Cotte and Michel Phillipot, among others. 

Luiz arrived in France in 1983 and was received at the CNSM in Paris in Alexandre Lagoya's class. In Paris he began a career as a solo guitarist and accompanist in classical and Brazilian music. He also studied Jazz with Pierre Cullaz and Bernard Maury and started his activity as a composer of music for the image with Sophie Tatisheff, the daughter of the famous Jacques Tati. He trained in sound professions and set up his first studio at the end of the 90s. Luiz went on to work for some of France's leading music publishers and developed a catalogue of original compositions for synchronisation. His music illustrated several films, documentaries, commercials and games in several countries around the world. In addition to composing and producing music, Luiz also works as a teacher. He was one of the founders of the ATLA school (Antoine Tatich Luiz de Aquino) and taught functional harmony and arrangements at the Guitar Workshop of the University of Jussieu.

In 2009, he founded his own publishing company "Nova Nota" ( and became a copyright specialist in the France/Brazil axis. With his partner Thomas Jamois ( he then founded two publishing companies specialized in the representation of prestigious Brazilian editorial catalogues in Europe. His current priorities focus on several different axes: creation, composition and production, artistic direction and publishing of musical projects, documentation and accompaniment of musical works up to copyright at the international level, and finally the transmission of knowledge based on a 360° vision of artistic-musical activities. For the 2020/2021 season he is working on 2 major projects: 1) A new publishing company "CraftTunes" whose vocation is the production of music for the audiovisual market but also available on streaming platforms, and 2) The creation of iMusicSchool Brazil in partnership with the French website  

His links with the dynamic Bossa Flor are both old and recent... old because Luiz shares with several other artists of this "family" a longstanding friendship with Pierre Barouh (who died in 2016), recent through his participation in a concert of the Bossa Flor2019-2020 season in February 2020 which generated prospects for future collaborations around the links between the Brazilian guitar and French chanson, and among others the project "Cordes enchantées".

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