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Bossa Flor Music

Music Production, Events, Publishing

Objectives and activities

Bossa Flor is originally a project imagined and embodied by Philippe Quevauviller since 2009, which evolves over time, encounters and musical influences. The current project offers the public horizons mixing great classics of bossa nova and samba, fado, French chanson and jazz. A major encounter was that of Pierre Barouh who has been mentoring the association between 2012 and 2016 and participated in the first album Bossa Flor, more than 100 events organised between 2009 and 2021 brought together groups and artists with diverse influences, which the book "Bossa Flor - 10 years of sharing" highlights with an anthology of photos and concert posters. The current network of artists participating in the Bossa Flor dynamic is illustrated in the page Collectif Bossa Flor Music.

The Bossa Flor ASBL was born from this dynamic in June 2016. It is based in Brussels and aims to support multicultural artistic creation and expression in all disciplines and the promotion of original works. The experience acquired since 2009 in the organization of concerts, exhibitions and short film presentations has enabled the creation of a solid network between artists from various horizons and a public sensitized by the cultural exchanges between the French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking world. The association is very eclectic in its musical tastes and encourages the sharing of different types of music.

The ASBL includes a Board of Directors composed of Philippe Quevauviller (chairman), Sabine Helgen and Sandrine Gasser, and 6 effective members who constitute the General Assembly (Leticia Martinez, Jacques Martinez, Christophe Vaassen, Philippe Gasser, Jacqueline Fockedey "Jadey" and Bruno Desart). The association benefits from the financial support of adherent members in the form of annual subscriptions. In addition, the activities are followed by more than 1200 friends of the association via a monthly newsletter.

The association also has a technical and cultural support team: Elodie Salle, Adrien Quevauviller (photographs), Louis Quevauviller (logistics), Jacques-Jérome Martinez (graphic design), Thomas Allen-Martinho (sound engineer), Lalie Gillis and Dany Iancovescu (video making and editing), and Florin Iancovescu (webmaster, video making).

In addition to its event activities, one of the objectives of the Bossa Flor ASBL is the production and distribution of sound, images and films. In order to do this, the ASBL has the legal bases for the constitution of a label which led to the creation of the Bossa Flor Music label, intended for the promotion of audio and/or audiovisual recordings (in studio or in public) with a view to the production of CDs (or vinyls) and/or DVDs (or digital supports). Another aspect of activities concerns the publishing of works (essays, short stories) within the framework of Bossa Flor Éditions. These activities are open in priority to adherent members of the ASBL who require support, on the musical level, for the production of audiovisual supports in styles covering French chanson, Brazilian music and jazz, and on the literary level, for the publication of works mainly dedicated to these musical styles, including essays and booklets of musical scores. Due to its non-profit nature, the publishing activities are carried out for non-commercial purposes. Proceeds from the sale of albums and books are used entirely to finance events or projects in support of artistic creation. As outlined above, the association has a technical team and a network of contacts with recording studios and a production experience. The distribution of the albums and books is done through concerts, social networks and via the online shop.

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