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Musical production, edition, singer

Bossa Flor was originally the name given by Philippe Quevauviller in 2009 to a book project on bossa nova that he had entitled "Fleur de bossa". His first musical project entitled BosSalvador (initiated in 2007) is recast into the Sextet Bossa Flor and found a new dimension in 2012 with the meeting of Pierre Barouh, itself initiated by the common friend and producer, Emmanuel de Ryckel. A complicity and friendship are born around this "art of encounters" which is the mark of his career. Pierre became the tutelary figure of what was to become the ASBL Bossa Flor in 2016 (and later the label Bossa Flor Music), shortly before his departure to far away stars. What he called "underground rivers" generated multiple encounters of lovers of multicultural exchanges around French song, Brazilian music and jazz found on the page "Invited artists". Among the honorary members of the ASBL there is also the writer Jean-Paul Delfino and the bossanovist Didier Sustrac. Alongside his passion for bossa nova, Philippe Quevauviller remains attached to his musical roots in French chanson and jazz, and creates the Pataphysique Orchestra (in reference to Boris Vian) in 2019,  les Balladins and the LatinAlma Jazz in 2021. 


Walker, author, composer, singer, filmmaker, writer


Bridger among French-Brazilian music


Writer, musicologist between France and Brazil


Author, composer, guitarist, singer

The projects have merged into a larger network around a "Collectif Bossa Flor" where artists linked by the same passion for these musics and their bridges meet. This page presents the biographies of this collective of artists who find themselves in the flagship projects led by Bossa Flor Music (Sextet Bossa Flor, Les Balladins, LatinAlma Jazz, Pataphysique Orchestra) and in partnership (Soltacorda). The collective is completed by the team of the ASBL whose names and photos are gathered in the page "The association" of the site.

Bossa Flor Sextet


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Pataphysique Orchestra


LatinAlma Jazz




Les Balladins


Invited Artists

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