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​​Pierre Lucas

Guitarist, singer



Photo credit: ©Philippe Quevauviller

Pierre Lucas has always been accompanied by music since the age of 8. He learnt to play the guitar purely by himself, then the banjo and the mandolin, thanks to the influence of his father who particularly liked this kind of music. He draws his musical sources from eclectic repertoires ranging from French chanson to country, blue grass, folk, etc. He is also an avid listener to the music of his father, who was particularly fond of this genre. Pierre practices music as an enlightened amateur and is nourished by encounters with professional musicians who are open to sharing. 

He particularly likes impromptu exchanges with musicians from different horizons, making them sing French variety and great authors with a country & folk accent. Pierre has never lost his attraction for the music of Neil Young, Crosby, Still & Nash, Sting, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Mark Knopffer, Chet Atkins, Doc Watson etc. He also performs an anthology of their quartet successes with his partners Guy Stroobants (vocals, banjo, percussion), Alain Goutier (vocals, double bass, harmonica) and Wim Hombergen (vocals, guitar). 

His recent encounters in the Bossa Flor sphere have led him to share the stage with Didier Sustrac, Éric Guilleton, Osman Martins... He participates in the project "Brassens dans tous ses états" with two pieces of the great Georges adapted in country style.

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