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With more than 80 concerts organized since 2009 (see, a dynamic has developed over multiple musical encounters and magical evenings of sharing with the public by creating new cultural bridges between artists from various horizons while promoting their projects and achievements (albums, clips, short films). Since 2019, the ABSL has been telling a story to the public that represents its vision of the links between Brazilian music (mainly bossa nova), fado, French song, folk music and jazz. These links which might seem improbable in fact illustrate my musical and poetic journey. It is this rich experience that we propose to share in intimate places as part of home concerts, CONCERT-HOME formulas which are detailed below

AT HOME: You organize the reception venue and invite your network of friends and acquaintances. The ASBL proposes the musicians and repertoire options (with list of songs / musics) that you choose, and it takes care of the logistics of the concert, including a small amplification and a sound engineer.

IN A GUEST HOUSE: You opt for a venue in a guest house (proposed and rented by the ASBL) on a date to be defined in advance (if possible at least 6 months), and you invite your network of friends and acquaintances. The ASBL offers the musicians and repertoire options (with list of songs / musics) that you choose, and it takes care of the logistics of the concert, including a small amplification, the provision of a sound engineer as well as the installation of the room.


Depending on the musical formulas described below, you can choose an "à la carte menu" (your choice of songs from a list of proposed titles), or a list established by the ASBL. A leaflet with the texts of sings will also be proposed as well as a short biography of the musicians. We invite you to consult the YouTube channel of the ASBL (and to subscribe to it) to listen to examples of the proposed formulas (cf. Note that the musical formulas are indicative and can be supplemented by musicians / instruments of your choice (proposed by the ASBL).


For a number of 30 to 50 participants - The budget includes artists' fees, which is adjusted according to the number of musicians desired, to which are added possible travel costs (depending on the concert location). It also includes the rental of amplification equipment, the provision of a sound engineer and the logistical and administrative costs of the ASBL, and the rental of the reception area (if you opt for a guest house formula ). Options for filming the evening with a professional videographer and photographs can also be proposed. Finally, if you wish, the ASBL can manage a ticketing office in case you opt for paid tickets. For example, entrance fees of 15 € and a participation of 50 participants, allow for a trio / quintet formula. Are you interested? Ask the ASBL for a quote! Contact: or via the contact page of the Bossa Flor Site: 




Choose your favorite songs from a selection of bossa nova and samba classics! A trio formula is proposed, composed of Philippe Quevauviller (vocals), Fernando de Almeida Barros (guitar, vocals) and Wellington Barros (piano, vocals). The repertoire includes bossa nova standards (sung in Portuguese), as well as French, English or Italian versions on demand. The group also proposes a "little story of bossa nova" with narration and selected songs. A sextet formula is also possible, adding saxophone, bass guitar and drums.


In the dynamics of the music on offer, there are not only Brazilian influences, but also those of the great bridgers of this music towards the French-speaking sphere, such as Pierre Barouh, Claude Nougaro, Henri Salvador, Georges Moustaki, Michel Fugain… It is precisely Pierre Barouh who allowed lovers of these bridgers to meet and that we propose in this formula: Didier Sustrac (guitar, vocals) the most Bossanovist Frenchman of France, Philippe Quevauviller (vocals) who continues the path traced by these bridgers, and Pierre-François Blanchard (piano) who wanders between French song and jazz.


An instrumental evening around the Brazilian guitar tempts you? Choose talented musicians who will offer interpretations of Brazilian music, ranging from classical to choro, samba, bossa nova and jazz. Options are offered with Vitor Garbelotto (seven string guitar), Luiz de Aquino (seven string guitar), Osman Martins (cavaquinho), Mario Bakuna (seven string guitar) with the participation of Philippe Quevauviller (vocals). A trio is also offered with the group Sevenz composed of Pierre Gillet (seven string guitar), Benoît Minon (seven string guitar) and Marcos Della Rocha (percussion).




In the DNA of the association, there are classics of French song that Philippe Quevauviller sings in quartet with Bruno Desart (guitar), Anthony More (piano) and Chris Vaassen (bass), putting them in the spotlight in jazzy or classic fashion, by Boris Vian, Serge Reggiani, Georges Moustaki, via Michel Legrand and Claude Nougaro! The quartet offers a mix of French songs or anthologies of songs by an artist of your choice.


Didier Sustrac (guitar, vocals) and Éric Guilleton (guitar, vocals) will offer you a selection of their original compositions and texts from their rich discography. Beyond their talents as songwriters, Didier and Éric wander in the repertoires of Cajun and Creole songs, adding a Brazilian touch, and marrying them. A very special evening with these musicians whose complicity generates magnificent sharing with the public.
Overview: Eric - - Didier -


A moment escaped from time with Margaux Astravare who wanders on the piano and in song around the repertoires of Barbara, Léo Ferré, Serge Gainsbourg, and her own compositions for which she is preparing her first opus. Margaux invites the public into her intimate universe with grace and emotion.


Folk & country music has never lost its appeal and the music of Neil Young, Crosby, Still & Nash, Sting, Léonard Cohen, James Taylor, Mark Knopffer, Chet Atkins, Doc Watson etc. remain in our memories and are appreciated by young generations. An anthology of their successes is proposed in quartet with Pierre Lucas (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Guy Stroobants (vocals, banjo, percussion), Alain Goutier (vocals, double bass, harmonica) and Wim Hombergen (vocals, guitar).

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