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Nathalie Culot




Photo credit: ©Philippe Quevauviller

Nathalie Culot fell into the music world at the age of 8, when she entered the academy of Montignies/Sambre. She completed various courses there: in piano of course, but also in classical dance, declamation, singing, melody, instrumental ensemble and chamber music. She also attended the light lyrical workshop in Couillet for a few years under the direction of Mr Jacques Tayles. After a first prize in music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, she entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons where she obtained a first prize in piano, a first prize in accompaniment, piano methodology and a higher diploma in chamber music.

As an accompanist and piano teacher in several music academies in Charleroi, she regularly performs in public during concerts. She participated in the creation of Talents Associés, but also of Rencontre D'Artistes in collaboration with Romain Delhoux, with whom she organises each year a large transdisciplinary concert which aims to break down the stereotypes linked to the world of classical music, to share this culture without any pretension and to create collaborations between the different artistic disciplines (classical music is mixed with texts, dance, designers' creations, floral art, painting, sculpture, photography,...)

Passionate and convinced that Music is an act of sharing and communication, it is with great pleasure that she tackles various repertoires and shares her joy of playing with the students she accompanies, her colleagues on stage as well as with the public. With her son, Alexandre, she joined the Balladins to accompany a repertoire of French songs.

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