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Philippe Lucas

Guitarist, singer



Photo credit: ©Alain Dereymaeker

Philippe Lucas, born in 1961, is a pure autodidact. He started playing guitar at scouting parties at the age of 12, then at around 15-16 he discovered Marcel Dadi and his method of tablature which allowed a multitude of budding musicians to learn to play guitar without having to read solfeggio. Philippe nevertheless attended a year's academy for both theoretical and instrumental training, which allowed him to transpose musical scores into tablatures (which were quite rare at the time). He also took a few flamenco guitar lessons, and he started playing the banjo at the age of 16. 

He currently explores various repertoires, including classical music, by downloading all sorts of tablatures from the Internet, and continues to improve his guitar technique. Philippe is also a great fan of Georges Brassens, whom he loves to sing, as well as of Brazilian music.

Philippe has organized a few café-concerts with amateur friends to benefit good causes, and regularly gathers his network around concerts in the form of an open stage at the Bouche à Oreille, of which he is the manager. In this respect, he supports concert programmes of musicians from various backgrounds as far as he can. 

It is a common passion for bossa nova that generated a meeting between two Philippe(s), himself and the one of Bossa Flor in 2010. Le Bouche à Oreille has since become a privileged artistic meeting place where many events have been organized by Bossa Flor during the decade 2010-2020 (a compilation is available in the book "Bossa Flor, 10 years of meetings and sharing"). From these not only musical but also friendly links was born the desire to develop the project "Brassens dans tous ses états" following a concert with Joel Favreau at the Bouche à Oreille in 2017. He participated in 2021 with the recording of a song.

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