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Claire Taïb

Author, composer, performer



Photo credit: ©Steve Bonnin

Born in Paris into a family of musicians in 1984, Claire Taïb was attracted to music at a very early age and showed great interest when her father played jazz standards on the piano or sang Bourvil songs for her. Her mother also sang often and this family ritual gave birth to her taste for guitar-voice songs, which she regularly posted on the networks, in a solo, uncluttered formula, without using the slightest effect. At the age of fourteen, she became passionate about singing and her father decided to offer her a real training. Marianne Mille, Sonia Cat-Berro, Cecil L Recchia, Alexandra Chabert, Richard Cross, Viviane Ginapé, and Christiane Legrand for vocals and Renato Velasco, Antoine Tatich and Eric Gombart for guitar. The great diversity of styles of his teachers allows him to broaden his musical horizons. She then decided to launch a stage formula that mixes jazz, French chanson, soul and Brazilian music.

Her first concert took place at the Sentier Des Halles in 2003. The public's support will give her the confidence to continue to perform. Several concerts will follow which will allow her to meet professional musicians, including pianist Giovanni Mirabassi, with whom she will continue her career for a few years. After graduating from the ATLA school in 2008, she created the duo Claire Taïb and Mister AL with the guitarist Alexis Didier, on a repertoire of reinvented covers, which will open the door to many clubs and festivals. At the same time, she performed in jazz formations with Serge Merlaud, Viviane Arnoux and Bernard Weber and perfected her Brazilian repertoire. In 2014, returning to French chanson, she revisits the repertoire of the Montmartre poet Bernard Dimey, who collaborated with Charles Aznavour, Serge Reggiani, and Mouloudji among others. She will set some of his texts to music and perform this new repertoire at Sunside, Le Sentier des Halles and various festivals. Joined in 2015 by pianist Govanni Mirabassi, she met a producer who offered to record seventeen songs as a duo. This was the birth of the album Chansons Pour Demain, released in 2016 by EPM Universal. Concerts to present the album at Les Trois Baudets and the Café De La Danse were warmly received. In 2018, she begins a collaboration with singer and guitarist Didier Sustrac, who invites her on several occasions, in Yvan Cujious's show on Sud Radio. Discovering a common passion for Brazilian music, based on their own compositions, they then decide to share the stage of Bab-Ilo and La Dame de Canton (in Paris), mixing their repertoire. Claire is invited to participate in the recording and video clip of the song "Langue De Bois", with musicians such as Mario Canonge, José Curier, Gabrielle Hartmann and Ney Veras. Since then, she has been writing songs in French about Brazilian and Jazz influenced compositions. A new album is being prepared in the company of musician friends from all horizons.

Pianist Giovanni Mirabassi does not appear on stage with a stranger lightly. His personal demand lets us expect the best. He considers each concert as a commitment. The Baiser Salé, under the artistic direction of his patron Maria Rodriguez, has never ceased to seek out new talent with rare insight. Claire Taïb, an obvious discovery! "(Article in the Nouvel Obs N°2217 from 3 to 9 May 2007).

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